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Expanding Gun Grade Foam

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Expanding Gun Grade Foam
Expanding Gun Grade Foam

Expanding Gun Grade Foam is based on a moisture curing polyurethane prepolymer. Quick, economic and easy to apply, it is supplied ready to use for fitting doors, windows, insulating pipes and filling gaps. improves draught and heating insulation. Also contains an enviromentally safe propellant which complies with the latest EU regulations. Sold in 750ml Cans. and a Gun foam applicator is required for use.

Application:- Window setting (where clean and controlled backfill is required) Entrance door linings any kind of small break throughs in walls. Can yield up to 50 times the can volume

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Expanding Gun Grade Foam
(750ml can)
1 - 5 pack
6 - 11 pack
12 - 60 pack