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TorxFast Kits - Zinc Yellow Passivated

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TorxFast Kits
TorxFast Kits

TorxFast Kits - Zinc Yellow Passivated


Professional, high-performance multi-purpose woodscrews. 
Head: Countersunk Torx recessed.
Finish: Non-Cr, Cr3+, Yellow/Zinc Plated.
Free Torx bit with each size.

150 no. 3.5x16mm     100 no. 3.5x25mm
180 no. 3.5x30mm     130 no. 4.0x25mm
140 no. 4.0x30mm     100 no. 4.0x40mm     
80  no. 4.0x50mm      65  no. 5.0x50mm
65  no. 5.0x80mm

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1 - 1 pack
2 - 10 pack